Gender bias in language

Current project leader: Magdalena Formanowicz

Description: Gender stereotypes and related gender discrimination are encoded in and transmitted through language, contributing to gender inequality. In this project, we research both subtle and overt means of communicating gender stereotypes and gender hierarchies in language. As gender inequalities are communicated through linguistic practices, attempts to change social reality include language changes. Therefore, in this project we, also examine possible interventions for practices of gender equality in language.


  • Research Fellowship of The Scientific Exchange Programme NMS-CH Fellowship 11-204-1. Power of language or language of power. The cross-linguistic investigation of advantages and disadvantages of language feminization – awarded to Magdalena Formanowicz (2012).

Representative Publications:

  • Formanowicz, M., & Hansen, K. (2022). Subtle Linguistic Cues Affecting Gender In(Equality). Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 41(2), 127–147. 
  • Formanowicz, M., & Sczesny, S. (2016). Gender-Fair Language and Professional Self-Reference: The Case of Female Psychologists in Polish. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 10(1), 64–81. 
  • Sczesny, S., Formanowicz, M., & Moser, F. (2016). Can gender-fair language reduce gender stereotyping and discrimination? Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 25. Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00025